[Music] good early early morning it’s nearly 5:00 a.


now and we are already going to breakfast because we have our flight to the next resort in an hour so we had to wake up really early today but we are looking forward to explore a new place and to fly the plane once again [Music] [Music] I should surrender each resort [Music] we have arrived to the very first resort of Maldives yeah that’s true Colombo was the first one here we have really lots of activities planned but before we dive into them let’s have a quick room tour so this is the terrace of our deluxe bungalow it is located by the beach and you can see lots of different houses around us so this is the room and this side welcome to cube things what I really love in this room from the WordPress site is that each morning they bring you this program of what you can do during the day so different activities like beginners yoga session banana boats snorkeling how sweet or different excursions spa promotions entertainment so yeah it’s really nice to have a proper look at what’s going on around the resort and not to miss the interesting activities and let’s go further and have a look at our bathroom everywhere around the resort it smells like coconut the towels that we were given at the beginning to freshen our faces and hands were smelled like coconuts and the butter was also smells like coconut so here is the bus stop it’s off as always a spectacular view into the wall but anyway it’s really nice to have like a sending out tour bus stop and outdoor shower but what I love about this room is what a perfect sense of view and they have here is room all around the room you see some fine signs like back-up plan it’s got a grass cutter that’s a shaving kit for your clearly whites that’s a toothbrush and the toothpaste also they have a very little lovely shampoo and creams in this reusable glass bottles it was a room tour [Music] our whole trip I kept aloof young people who are swimming around in the boats with a glass bottom and I so wanted to do it myself and we are finally going on a tour in the boat like that I’m super excited [Music] among all these sorters I noticed something unusual called calm part so I think it’s basically peace over 12 never tried anything like that really curious hmm it is marinated feels a little bit like [Music] we’ve just been on an amazing tour around the island or to be more precise it was a tour inside the island so we get to see this part of the resort that normally people do not see is how the employees who work here leave and how everything is done here started from the food that we’d to the water and electricity and all this stuff it was just incredible and we learnt so many amazing facts that that we want to share with you but we have no idea what to start with I think the first thing that I have to tell you is that carumba is actually in the Libyan language it means young coconuts so that is the reason why everything smells like coconut here and we found out that papaya and bananas are the only fruits that can be grown here all the other fruits that we are having for breakfast like watermelon pineapples and all the other fruits they are imported from the other countries mostly from Sri Lanka as well as most of the plants that grow around the island they also from Sri Lanka or the other islands and they are about 350 different plants around the island so it’s basically like walking in the botanic garden and by the way there is also a lack of meat and moldy so meat that we see during lunch or dinner is mostly from Australia or New Zealand or other countries so they don’t have like local meat they even don’t serve local lobsters they have lobsters here on the reefs but they don’t catch them because they really try to preserve the nature and they take hear about it so they better import lobsters from somewhere else than kill their own and we also saw kitchens where all the food is cooked for all the eight restaurants that are here on the islands and they are super clean and super taking clear after and an amazing fact that every half an hour all the kitchen stuff they hear a special signal which means it’s time to wash their hands and ask them before getting back to work so they really maintain the highest standards of cooking food and while we were walking around the staff houses and South cafes and all the areas where they live we were wondering why are there no women at all they were mostly men and apparently they have 419 employees on this resort but only 47 of them are female so they are mostly working on the reception area and they’re working as managers they are also working in spa mostly the female spark therapists they are all from different countries because Maldives it is a Muslim country and local females they don’t work in spa so they invite people from different areas from India Bali Sri Lanka in general they have 27 different nationalities among their employees [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] today we have three excursions and actually the third one is a tour around the islands like what are the facilities where our bars located and everything so we’re waiting for this to start there are eight different types of wheels in Calamba resort we are living in to Luke’s bungalow but we also had a chance to see some other villas and the first one is the presidential pool villa they are only four wheelers like that in the entire resort and it looks amazing [Music] another category is the garden pool wheeler which is located in the garden and not on the beach but it has a pool which is also quite nice it is spacious and is perfect if you’re staying here with a family [Music] we are going to tila that is an iconic Karuma restaurant that was named the best Maldivian restaurant twice and last time it was also named the best seafood restaurant in Maldives so obviously we need to have a look [Music] so it was a very long day we woke up at 4 a.


and now it’s half past 9 so we have an amazing evening very delicious food and we’ve seen in a traditional Maldivian show which was really really awesome so this is the end of today’s vlog and don’t forget it we’re doing daily vlogs from Maldives so make sure you subscribe to our Channel and we’ll see you tomorrow bye bye [Music].



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