Kurumba Resort, Maldives


welcome to the the kuruma resort carumba resort in the Maldives is their first first resort in the Maldives lady in Santa – they opened the tourism has changed a bit since then but – yeah Kumba resort maldives conveniently located 10 minutes from the airport that’s the place Columba more leaves convenient located ten minutes from the airport and yeah it’s not an airport hotel it’s a resort in its own right the lovely resort five star that’ll go for a walk around yeah so the airport is just out in that direction if you’re lucky or when I checked and I saw an aeroplane a jet I think it was Saudi Arabia I’m not sure of Saudi Arabia fly here but it’s a big jet coming to land I know that’s the airport there they’re put there and luckily we have an airplane coming in right is this and it’s not planned people here so what’s his airplane it’s more Libyan perfect [Music] because we’re in the Maldives yeah I’ll just come in and put the plane down yes the airports to stay over there it’s what’s their play welcome to Colombo all right my leaves let’s resort in the Maldives watching put the plane down and then go for a walk yes that’s the airport there yeah now you believe me control tower touchdown yes Airport and then you’ve got the there’s a bridge they’re building from yeah that’s the Maldives China Friendship Bridge planet cost one or ten million dollars 140 of that is a gift from the Chinese government or the people of China governments are people right yeah China Maldives Friendship Bridge yep I go to China on holiday plenty times and the town of my life 140, 000 population this is their City Amala even yeah um it right from the airports you coming on these yachts they’ve got a decent collection of yachts here and they don’t let expensive yachts as well rambha pick up at the airport 24 hour boat service yeah okay let’s go for a walk you’re an airplane it’s the lagoon here yeah so Maldives is first resort Alex but I’ll say the story here is a walk around so it’s a local time it’s quarter past 6:00 in the morning here now why am I making this video at 6:15 in the morning I’ll explain that as well so though over there you’ve got the bars and restaurants just over there there’s the main entrance yeah so they pick up at the airport and bring you open one of these boats it’s good collection of yachts I like there’s not like cheap speedboats either yeah those are property that’s the kind of thing you see Monica formula 1 yeah as parties they have other proper yachts so it’s not short of a bob or two all right place grandpa rumba Maldives a little bees just through here that’s all the restaurants and stuff are down there it’s worth you lobby Gardens plain nice garden sand lobby it’s quite an award in hotel with the men to come at the resort so we’re at the front here my villas at the back there we’ll just walk straight through I’ll see the beach here they’ve won lots of awards amenities no water hotel back 21 I’m gonna take any one of these awards including a trip advisor 2013 winner advice yeah what hotel it’s a gift shop it’s closed at this time like I said it’s 10 o’clock in the morning it’s true the place Molly’s is first this resort pool table here yes all the restaurants and stuff around here the pool yeah this time there’s not much going on yeah right while we’re making this video this time thank the Four Seasons lender giraffe ooh all right the airport the hotel is near the airport that came from the Conrad yesterday seaplane I’m going to the Four Seasons they’re these all the restaurants here this restaurant area it’s nothing coming in an Emirates Emirates play here it’s the pool area let’s walk over here so I was here yesterday actually came here yesterday evening do a bit of plain squatting I’ll show you that sure I saw a little proper jet landing I’ll show you that how it looks and evening and then walked over like it’s not on coming in right there yes we’re making this video at this time because I’m flying to the Four Seasons in a bar at all baritone is a UNESCO biosphere reserve yeah after checkout at 7:15 7:15 is checkout yeah I just got the beach after each year so sting with a plane spotting here last night I like to add that bit on to this video and then now we’ll walk to my room all right Airport it’s a bit more at the Maldives walk on the beaches left let’s ease some stuff in the water the end of the video you’ll see a lots of sting reflux it looks like still there yeah so what’s your airplane landing in tamale Airport satting at carumba it’s lights in the sky it’s an airplane coming in the airport – straight ahead that’s the Sheraton full moon Resorts powerup state and then it’s all part of chrome but it’s now the resorts we pick out the plane that worried so a huge Saudi Arabian jet landing our checking in earlier so male airport is just over there at Valley Airport these are all the speed belts for the carumba at a collection their main entrance so in the distance you’ll see male what’s the capital of the Maldives I’ll just ride out there that’s capital of Maldives is knowledge to stop that and they’re building a bridge from male that’s a bridge to the the airport’s here the distance of reaching the airport if they all right right I saw the Saudi Arabian jet but it’s an aeroplane coming in to land all kinds of huge Jets coming in Everett’s Korean Air Sri Lankan airlines Sri Lanka Thailand the largest carrier foreign carry out of here that if I flights a week very very illogical watch at those lights are powerful 84 miles of OTC plane landing world even Airways plane landing tamale Airport in the evening [Music] it’s video shown – it doesn’t zoom in three times back to our touchdown it’s plane spotting in the mall these people at their carumba all right it’s gonna get dark soon so uh it’s getting dark soon so will their airports and my leg but a huge but they’re a decent collection of yachts out there as well all right ciao see you later so what’s this guy sorry shucks all right what’s your name ray good morning to you it’s a pleasure seeing you in the morning as a reshot the scatter people who determine the water they’ll sue away very fast ready so that’s me plane spotting last night they select the restaurants area about four restaurants and bars and so on you can’t get alcohol here things yeah so not Molly at all just out there is the Sheraton full moon Resort and Spa it’s also very near the airport Sheraton full moon resorts bar stayed there as well it’s guys a plane we shocked the baby ones nice innit huh yeah Hotel yes we’ve seen three airplanes now this one’s going back I won’t speak hey Villa nice place I like it it’s more than an airport hotel 5-star Airport Hotel hilarious school up a local time is 6:30 in the morning stir by a walk up here and add north of a garden stir a bit okay one morning like a smelly about that one’s an open-air bar seelix eating on the outside it’s an open-air bar town that’s good nice resort breakfast is near summer as well but breakfast at 10:15 all right this place opened in 1917 interesting story yeah 1972 there were no resorts in the war leaves no tourism no nothing yeah finally they used most Morse code no Morse code they used that to communicate with Colombo Sri Lanka next door the might I just had the radio that’s about it as in their 1972 year and then the Italian travel agent Italy yeah Italian travel agent his name is Cohen he saw the history of the resort is there yeah I miss Italian travel agent he lets the pool tail back in the lobby so up the villain talk Italian travel agent who’s in Colombo who’s looking for places like tourists Italy good places for tourists to like we’re up to come and like chill out my basic to swim yeah so you met the lobby thing it was the fortuitous meeting as well I don’t think we planned it didn’t sound like him so he met there Maldivian Trade Minister I think in Colombo Maldivian Trade Minister randomly met in the Colombo yeah travel agent from Italy they were looking for places for tourists yeah so they came on a cargo ship yeah true story in 1971 Italian travel agent and the Maldives gecko there they came on a cargo ship cargo ship as medical connect their doctor’s clinic they came on a cargo ship to the Maldives the travel agent has checked it out here he liked it became a few months later with all his buddies who’s photographers and journalists and so on so this place is good and as a result of for 1972 six months later yep and first resort in the Maldives and the rest is history only the four seasons there four seasons four seasons have got four four destinations here yeah that’s what’s happened 45 years so got a little herb garden here yeah some are Villere straight ahead I will disturb it a couple of things on the way they’ll have grand orchids yeah fighting some – yeah chance meeting what have happened anyway yeah just in those days they didn’t have like Google Maps and things that’s that element OD actually knows what’s going on and at waterfall their song in the course is neither so making this video any Muslims got four four destinations of all these could have heard over our state landed juror who were I’m going today they’ve got a private island they let the explorer boat yeah these new resorts going up world of Astoria raffles Hilton love Todd you’ve got two Oberoi should open one here as well Oberoi Lila should next all right India I mean yeah thank the garden got tennis court on the right I’ll go kitties play area here Thank You Sperry we saw pool table in the lobby is that crispy myself this week Thank You these play areas like cool down as well compete that’s good I’m not even Italian travel agent I’m gonna have ladies anything this will be and first I don’t really want Travis that’s what yeah let’s make up some lobbies up there that will put more court basketball unless you’re the national sport of the Maldives yeah local time is 6:30 yeah they kind of click on the bags at 7:15 you know what time I woke up here as you come on holiday I’m waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning yeah thats what i did get things done you pay about 500 us this their spa so there’s different categories of rooms you know you’re talking about airport hotels so to speak I paid 500 for the red of beachfront beachfront roof I read us Bentham Ali’s about 10 times what sort of staying here but I’m between resort cells Conrad yesterday seaplane here seaplanes only operate in the daytime here so I got here about what three four o’clock and then like we saw seaplane ah so I’m leaving what seven o’clock Pierce isn’t update time to see the place you know it’s not a massive resort there’s enough time Seymour leaves its first resort yeah whereas if you fly here like in a night flight it’s not worth it can that midnight coming up midnight yeah that’s wandering between seaplane destinations bar totally alright my room is just up here alright we shall rend the room tonight I’ll share the room the evening all right let’s place ready so I’ll walk up to my my villa here yeah conclude the tour at the the Columba but villa so these are the the beach-front villas men’s beachfront as well it’s lovely resorted maldives first resort looks out over a satellite connection huh yeah moldy Swiss resort 1972 and I think we had a full refurbishment about six years ago anyway forty-five-year-old resort lease of a beach one is before to see the ocean just in the gap there in the village yep it’s the black it I’ve seen in the Indian Ocean right there I’m in there number 175 this one matched here we’re going and yeah lovely gardens as well the Caramba so I shall take you in my villa people yeah then a 175 this is how it all started accommodation like this in the Maldives and as they say the rest is history all the big boys there but this is number one all those years ago yeah 175 1972 175 welcome to the chroma resort in the Maldives chez moi Ocean Road we because it all yeah so this year yeah Beach beach front that I was going to get yeah mr.





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