Interview with GM of Kurumba Maldives, Ryszard Majewski


[Music] so there was a bunch of Italian fishermen that came over here and they wanted to do some fishing enjoy the beauty of Maldives and then obviously they had a challenge of sleeping somewhere and there was no place really to sleep over so here here at Kurumba Maldives

we had accommodation provided for them we started very small with a couple of hats one of these reed hats and after they went back to their country they obviously started promoting them out these and slowly slowly the tourism came in to the Maldives so over the years Karuma

has has changed a lot we obviously have to be following the market what other people are doing trends not necessary to copy them but I think is important to also to know the demands of the of the international traveler what do they want to enjoy the holidays what

can we give them as a memorable experience so talking to our guests and having the right people working here is very very important and we have so many gifts that’s been coming here we have kids from nineteen if I remember there’s a gifts from 1985 that has been

coming here we have guests coming three four times per year coming here so we always ask them why do you keep on coming back here and they have specific reasons it’s not necessarily the beauty of of the resort or the architecture etc but it’s also mostly it’s the

interaction they have with our staff the no certain staff member and it is like the second home for them so as I said every time we go overseas and we promote especially in Calamba people relate to who we are we have very high standards but most of all

these are gift service and a quality of our product that stands out [Music] there’s more more resorts opening the Maldives so that becomes more challenging and especially with the Maldivian set if they know there’s a new resort opening too close to their home island they would prefer to

be closer to the family so we’ve seen their change and again it’s not the kuruma but it’s the trend around the Maldives we lose good staff going to other resorts being close to their home Islands and we cannot we cannot stop them so our recruitment process is becoming

probably more challenging with more resorts opening but there are many staff that’s been you for many years as well that is loyal to us and that has made a big impact to our guests and they know the resort in the back of their hands and those are the

guys that we really look for guidance etc doesn’t matter if I’m the general manager I’ve been here two years or three years they’ve been here 30 years 25 years I myself as a general manager I’ll learn every day from the staff and what is but unique is that

you will find a lot of resort owners Maldivian resort owners in the maldives that has worked here either as a waiter cleaning the rooms even managers and this is where tourism basically gave birth in the Maldives it started here so it’s almost also like the hotel school so

they took that knowledge with them there and they started developing all the other resorts from the knowledge and from the experience they have gained here [Music] we are 4 to 6 years old and many people that has come here and especially this year when we telling me 46

they cannot believe that how how we have maintained the place and as I said we have to maintain the high standards and we’re very very fortunate to have amazing owners that support us that’s always looking at market trends this I this then it’s also very high so for

myself a general manager the demands from the guests is also very high as I mentioned they they do travel right around the world they compare other properties so we we have to we have to look what what is out there what what do people want what are the

demands that’s the same thing like the chef wants to do a specific menu according to his personal style and we cannot do that we have to look at the demands of the gates what do they want to eat in the restaurant so this happens with our transportation our

rooms everywhere in general in in the resort we want to know what do the guests want what are their demands and talking to them on a daily basis into reacting with him from TripAdvisor comments they really guide us to where we should be [Music]




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