Hozpitality Big Dish Khandu Kukdu at Kurumba Maldives


I am at the beautiful resort in the maldives called the coup rumba Maldives and here i am bringing you a special maldivian cuisine right for you I have chef Ibrahim here with me who is going to tell us the technique for can do coke guru chef thank you

very much for your time here so what is condo copper do and how are we going to start categories are one of the famous faces in Molly’s is the way of making for very special occasion like a month of ramzan and Eve like our religious special occasion then

he’s a very difficult this is raining modest is a cool notices we have to make a difference this condo couple also is a ready to get ready before or one day so for making 100 or more than hundred people’s discount oh cool wonderful so let’s start chef what

are you going to start with this here is a some oil inland port yes I am going to make a masala curry paste for condo Caputo pasta I’m going to make only one conoco roles after again we hit make again at this masala for gravy okay okay so

let’s start this is oil already here and you’re going to put some onions inside so we saute the onions in hot oil here salted honey no fried onion and also we have used a row onion also English ya know either oniony zabral how I’m going to other ingredients

here is the rising is a dry lips Sultana just a little bit i’m going to make only are four pieces tuna rolls so i am i am using a little bit here’s our Indian almonds is a slice one because a little bit in here is a whole one

is a almanach cumin powder fennel powder coriander powder green cardamom powder here is a cinnamon powder this is actually a maldivian our offices are very spicy and also mole even likes very spicy foods but we have our mole even chillyzack olga tiamaris is the hot chili so I’m

using here chili powder for making masala yes a little bit turmeric powder it’ll be soul I can see that it’s coming up very well and the aroma is amazing roasted a few minutes this masala then remove from heat then now I’m going to make that pune rose so

what’s next chef 11 pieces pune then i’m going to show you how to make this a boner oz so now we are preparing the roles for the tuna so we have a coconut leaf here this is the old array I’m just nigam the yellowfin tuna actually a yellowfin

tuna and skipjack tuna we are using our home is that our local fishes here just a slice like a roll by knife and nicely thinly just cut inside then just put one tablespoon I’m on one masala into the moon are all gonna flip just adjust n again was

the trolls okay here i’m going to show how to close or how to use these are coconut leaf your one is a one in from down again left yeah yeah then meet then after you can find after cook that carries you can find easily a how to open

this time so sure if you have tied this up and it looks really neat so what are you going to do next now I’m going to cook this curry now here is a you can see that is the masala for masala or carry pays for gravy so this

is all on the is a masala now I’m adding coconut cream so I keep some raw onion also just it into the gravy here is a chopped ginger garlic yes here is our teachers teen all your chili is a very spicy so yeah do you like more

chili I like it spicy yes but not too spicy yeah but these are varies no medium medium spicy for monument so I’m going to use just a little bit for gravy dis Chile this is the last ingredients is the sole sold you can use your choice if you

like more salty foods you can use both more soul so I’m going to use a little bit sort also after sold now you can see now is a nicely cook and already that gravy is done now I’m going to put this tuna into the gravy now he’s already

cooked nicely so eat the tuna rolls into the gravy in put lead our nicely just cook 10 minutes is terrible so we are ready now I think and so chef what’s happening with the condo karuna and now is a tenement finished now that curry is ready now you

can see ya is a curry is a condo cool cool modern condo cool now he’s done so that was the great condo cocuru I’m sure it’s just going to taste fantastic chef thank you very much for your time welcome you



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